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Rapid oil analysis in 24 hours with PACE. Maintain flow assurance and optimise chemical concentrations with our rapid results.

Production Optimisation

Peregrine X’s PACE24 is an innovative analysis technique developed by Peregrine-X, that can be used in a number of ways to optimise oil production;

1. Co-mingled Production

In many countries, co-mingled production is only permitted under strict conditions. The alternative to co-mingled production is dual completions or smart completions. If the Operator is able to demonstrate precise back-allocation to each producing reservoir by other methods (production logging, opening/closing selective sleeves, etc), this can be time-consuming and expensive.

The PACE approach analyses wellhead samples in near real-time to identify the percentage contribution of each reservoir, without the need for well shut-ins, allowing Operators to maximise production from individual reservoirs.

Accelerated Oil Profiling

2. Reservoir Management

Where production from two reservoirs can be, or is, co-mingled in producing wells, the percentage contribution from each reservoir can be determined in the same way, allowing Reservoir Engineers to more accurately model the production from each reservoir, and thereby optimise ultimate reservoir production.

3. Asphaltenes and Waxes

Where asphaltene and/or wax build-up in the well may reduce production, wax-cutting operations are required to remove these deposits, or chemicals are injected into the production stream to prevent wax or asphaltene drop-out.

Optimising Wax Cutting Operations

By analysing samples before and after wax cutting operations, the optimal scheduling of wax cutting operations can be derived in order to minimise well downtime (production deferment) and slickline equipment requirements.

Chemical Optimisation

Where chemicals have to be added to prevent wax or asphaltene drop-out, the Peregrine-X rapid testing technique allows the chemical concentrations to be optimised, for example,

when new wells/reservoirs are brought online.  Follow-up routine testing ensures that the wax or asphaltene is not dropping out within the production system once chemical concentrations have been optimised.

The rapid reporting of results also offers the opportunity for Operators to perform chemical trials to determine the optimum dosage and the most cost-effective chemicals for their operations, and to continuously monitor the “health” of their production system.

Asphaltene and Wax Detection

Asphaltene and Wax Detection

PACE24 can analyse samples to determine the presence, or absence, of asphaltenes and/or wax during exploration and appraisal drilling operations. Mud samples/returns through reservoir sections can be tested to confirm the presence of asphaltenes/waxes, to refine drilling programs/activities, optimise testing strategies and possible future development scenarios.

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