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Helping to Reduce Environmental Impact

The capability of Peregrine X to analyse oil in near real-time may help improve environmental impact in the oil industry. Here's how:

Prevention of Operational Issues

Lack of rapid oil analysis can lead to operational challenges in oil production, transportation, and refining processes. By analysing oil samples in near real-time, Peregrine X's techniques allow companies to proactively address issues before they escalate. This may prevent disruptions, equipment failures, and unplanned shutdowns, contributing to overall operational efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of such incidents.

Oil Refinery

Optimised Production Processes

Understanding the behaviour of oil helps in optimising production processes. By fine-tuning processes based on near real-time data, oil companies may reduce the generation of unwanted by-products and enhance the overall efficiency of their operations. This optimisation contributes to resource conservation and helps minimise environmental footprint.

Optimised Chemical Usage

Near real-time monitoring allows oil companies to better understand the composition of their crude oil. With this understanding, they can optimise the use of inhibitors and chemicals by tailoring their application to the specific characteristics of the oil. This targeted approach helps to minimise the overall volume of chemicals needed, potentially reducing both costs and environmental impact.

Minimised Environmental Disposal

By accurately assessing the contents of oil, companies may avoid over-treating oil with unnecessary chemicals. This, in turn, could reduce the volume of chemical-laden wastewater or by-products that need to be disposed of, helping to minimise the environmental impact associated with the disposal process.


In conclusion

Peregrine X's techniques benefit to collectively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of oil production, transportation, and refining activities.

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