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Peregrine X services

Peregrine X, with its expert team, is targeting to become the market leader in rapid oil analysis.

Peregrine X provides operational and consultancy services

These include: 

Operations and Consultancy Services

Innovative Oil Profiling Solutions. Production Optimisation. Operational Challenges. Fast and Accurate Enhanced Efficiency.

Production Optimisation

Avoid costly shut-ins and maximise production. In many countries, co-mingled production is only permitted where the operator regularly tests the individual producing intervals to ensure precise back allocation to each reservoir. Reservoirs have to be temporarily isolated, which is expensive and time consuming.

Our sampling analysis instantly compares a co-mingled sample to the individual reservoir reference to identify the percentage contribution of each, without the need for costly shut-ins.

Reservoir Management

Get accurate estimates of production from each reservoir.


Where production from 2 reservoirs is co-mingled, the percentage contribution from each interval can be estimated by comparing production samples to the reference samples. 

Asphaltene and Wax Detection

Optimise operating conditions – we run sample analysis to determine the presence (or absence) of asphaltenes and/or wax. 


Optimise testing strategies and development scenarios – we test on drilling samples in exploration and development wells.

Optimising Wax Cutting Operations

Minimise well downtime and slickline equipment requirements – we analyse samples before and after wax cutting so you can optimise the time between operations.


Chemical Optimisation

Optimise chemical concentrations where these are added to prevent wax or asphaltene drop-out, e.g. when new wells are brought online. By testing the produced stream, we ensure that wax or asphaltene is not dropping out within the production system once chemical concentrations have been selected.

The rapid reporting of results from our sample testing also offers the opportunity for Operators to perform chemical trials to determine the optimum and most cost-effective chemicals for their system, and to continuously monitor the “health” of their producing system.


AI and Systems Analysis

The Oil and Gas Industry has used similar processes to today's AI offerings for several decades.  It has visualised facilities, refineries and even reservoirs in 3D and complex data analysis.

With its current expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry Peregrine-X is working with strategic partners to use some of this data to further monitor, optimise, and maintain oil production systems.

Ultimately it may be possible through monitoring the entire lifecycle of an asset, to ensure optimal flow and addressing potential issues in real-time as additional assets are developed and more oil related data is collected.

Asset Monitoring & Data Reconciliation:

Initially crafted to monitor asphaltene/waxy oil, an asset model would store all data from the producing reservoirs to export points.  Adding oil sample data would serve as a health check mechanism, issuing alerts when anomalies in input data are detected.

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