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Revolutionary rapid oil Analysis

Peregrine X's revolutionary rapid oil analysis offers a transformative solution that greatly benefits oil companies in numerous ways. 

By providing near real-time, comprehensive analysis of oil properties and composition, Peregrine X empowers oil companies to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

Peregrine X's innovative approach reduces the time and costs associated with traditional laboratory analysis, streamlining operations, preventing well shut ins and enhancing overall efficiency.

Peregrine X Oil Refinery

our mission vision
and values

Peregrine-X envisions a world where we have shifted towards clean energy. As a company, we are committed to creating a groundbreaking business that attracts private impact investment, investing capital at scale, whilst operating in an ethical and responsible manner.

Game Changing

Advancing analytics to optimise energy production.

Automating Processes

Greater efficiency can provide cleaner solutions for energy production.

Innovation for Energy

Innovations reshape industries and help drive a more sustainable future.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

AI can expedite data and research to advance solutions for global challenges.


Data collection, processing
and Intelligence

All forward-thinking companies know improving operational efficiency and environmental performance, as well as investing in new technology, improves growth and sustainability.

Companies that can offer innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions are expected to have a competitive advantage in the market. This includes the development of advanced technologies, strategic partnerships, and compliance with emerging regulations. 

Peregrine X’s group of companies and expert team offer groundbreaking services within the service sector in the energy industry.

Peregrine unites world leading experts in science and engineering alongside advanced technologies. Our mission is to save energy companies time and money by using efficient oil sampling, AI, and research to lower the cost of producing energy.


Peregrine X has announced several key strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing its position as a leading provider of solutions for rapid oil analysis.


Introducing PACE24 

Rapid Oil Analysis in 24 hours

Maintain flow assurance and optimise chemical concentrations with our rapid results.

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