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Peregrine X companies and services

Peregrine X with its expert team is targeting to become the market leader in Asphaltene Insight.

Peregrine Analytics

Peregrine owns the unique technology of a cutting edge analytics solution that provides fast analytics for the energy sector. The technology is a vital requirement to the success of all oil producing companies.

The technology overcomes the problems traditionally associated with conventional oil sampling.

Until now there have been no tools or methods in the industry that can reliably and accurately measure Asphaltene deposition in real-time. The formation of asphaltene deposits on the production tubing often requires costly intervention by chemical or mechanical remediation techniques, and may even require the complete shutdown of a producing well to clean these deposits. 

Peregrine Analytics model monitors, optimises, and maintains oil production systems. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of the asset, ensuring optimal flow and addressing potential issues in near real-time.


Peregrine Opertations and Consultancy Services

These include: 

Asphaltene Detection in Near Real-Time

The ability to provide near real-time detection of asphaltenes is an industry game-changer. This gives oil companies the ability to regularly ‘health-check’ their valuable assets. It can also assist with exploration services, providing a very quick yes/no answer on asphaltenes for prospective target assets. 

Production Allocation (Co-mingled Production) and Reservoir Management:

Co-mingling multiple oil reservoirs requires stringent monitoring. Peregrine Analytics is innovating a sampling technique to understand reservoir interactions, potentially transitioning from daily to weekly sampling.

Chemical Optimisation

Peregrine Analytics examines field samples to optimise any required chemical additives. They can determine the most effective combinations and even test alternative additives in the lab before field trials.

AI and Systems Analysis

The Oil and Gas Industry has used similar processes to today's AI offerings for several decades.  It has visualised facilities, refineries and even reservoirs in 3D and complex data analysis.

With its current expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry Peregrine-X is working with strategic partners to use some of this data to further monitor, optimise, and maintain oil production systems.

Ultimately it may be possible through monitoring the entire lifecycle of an asset, to ensure optimal flow and addressing potential issues in real-time as additional assets are developed and more oil related data is collected.

Asset Monitoring & Data Reconciliation:

Initially crafted to monitor asphaltene/waxy oil, an asset model would store all data from the producing reservoirs to export points.  Adding oil sample data would serve as a health check mechanism, issuing alerts when anomalies in input data are detected.

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